Panopto in Ultra

What is Panopto?

Panopto is a tool used to record, manage, and share video content. Many SLC instructors use it to record lectures and other course content with some requiring it for student assignments as well. Panopto is typically accessed through Blackboard; you might not even notice that you’re viewing a video in Panopto. 

Why should I use Panopto?

In some classes, you might be required to use Panopto to create and submit video assignments.  It's a secure method of recording video and integrates well into the Blackboard Learning Management System.

How do I use Panopto?

We encourage students to click on the following links to learn more about Panopto and how to use it in your course.

Tip: Having trouble viewing a video? Click on the Panopto link in the course menu and then try again. Still having trouble? Contact ITS. 

Installing Panopto

Creating and Editing Videos

Panopto Assignment Submission

Tip: Need captions? Check for the "CC” icon. If you don’t see it, contact your instructor. 

Where can I learn more about Panopto?

The following websites will help students learn more about the Blackboard application.